DBS BJD iskolde Blyth dukke Gennemsigtig støtte diy girl boy toy


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kr42.92 kr38.63

  • Materiale: plys
  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)
  • Mfg Serie Nummer: Mode
  • tilstand: I-Lagervarer
  • Type: Baby Dolls
  • Batteri: INGEN
  • BJD/SD-Attribut: Dele Af Kroppen
  • Element Type: Dukker
  • Mærke: Fortune Dage
  • Form: 1/6
  • Aldersgruppe: > 6 år gammel
  • Køn: Unisex
  • Funktioner: Dıy Toy
  • Tema: Film & TV

Tags: monster high dukke, dukker, 14 bjd dukke, bjd dukke, blyth, dukke, bjd dukke dreng, overdimensionerede pullip, table soft girl, bjd foto, armaturet reborn dukke.


Delivery about three weeks in United Parcel. The stand is excellent. All the hinges go well, the doll in a heavy outfit is held tightly.
Seller only shipped one single stand instead of the 5 pack of stands I ordered. I even messaged him after I purchased and pointed out I ordered a 5 piece set of stands before he shipped. And seller confirmed via message. But only shipped out a single one and then did not offered a refund only said I needed to order even more if I wanted my stands. I had to make a dispute on AliExpress to get a refund cause seller just told me “buy more stuff and then I’ll send you what you already ordered months ago” I do not recommend seller