For Xiaomi Mijia M365 Dæk El-Scooter Dæk 8 1/2x2 Holdbar Tykke Hjul Solidt Ydre Dæk m365 Tilbehør


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Navn: for xiaomi mijia m365 el-scooter solide dæk 8 1/2 x 1pc 2 og skæring

Model: 986544

Produkt Beskrivelse


Farve: Sort

Størrelse: 8 1/2 X 2

Indre diameter: 145

Når den indvendige bredde af kort: 35mm

Passende hub diameter: 160

Total diameter: 220


●Slid-resistente, rillede, non-slip

●Dæk er Solid, ikke let at trænge igennem

●Enheden må ikke pustes op

●Lang levetid og holdbarhed

Anvendelse:Til Xiaomi Mijia M365

Pakken indeholder:

●1 x solide dæk (single for et par ikke ved oversvømmelse)

  • Total Diameter: 220mm
  • Indvendig bredde af kort: 35mm
  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)
  • Indre Diameter: 145mm
  • Model-Nummer: 8 1/2 X 2
  • Type: Scooter Dæk

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Здравствуйте, на самокат (копия xiaomi) фирмы Fireboard покрышка встали как родные, но предварительно поварил в кастрюле, так резина более мягче. Надевали в двоем, по качеству отличные.
los neumáticos son geniales por el precio vale la pena a comprar. el envío llegó antes de tiempo en 4 días. ahora hay que intentar a montar los creo que son un poco complicados. buena compra
Good tire. When I received the order (ordered from Russia), brought to Moscow for 3 days, thought rubber was terrible, just a stone. However, then, when I decided to put (Xiaomi 365m and began to boil, it became much softer and kept this softness in part. In general, very satisfied. I rolled, harder of course than chamber, but there is no special discomfort on normal asphalt. On the tile of course not very much. But those who are as tired as I am to change the cameras-definitely recommend. By installation, so as not to suffer, I advise the following: pour boiling water into the basin and put the tire down there, hold the tire for a few minutes. And the disc itself rub with soap, so that the rubber is easier to dress on. Also, do not forget about the correct direction of the pattern of the tires and put the same as on the front wheel.